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Terence Koh

Terence Koh

I ran into Terence Koh Riding his bike in the street in New York in 2010 and snapped this photo without thinking anything other than that I liked the guy’s all white outfit. Much later, reviewing old street photography I had done, I looked a little closer and recognized his face. He’s even rocking some Koh Bunny sneaks 🙂


I just launched my print store! Check it out!

I’m thrilled to announce that after a great deal of time, planning and work, I’ve launched the first version of my online print store. I’m pleased to be working with Photoshelter, who have been working hard in the photo industry for a very long time to make things better. 


My first featured gallery consists of images that I’ve made on the go over the past year. It will be updated regularly, and all photos will be limited to 10 prints in each size run. Once they are gone, they are gone. 



Photos from the Occupy LA Raid tonight!


Images from the Occupation – #occupyLA tonight

Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa announced that Occupy LA would be evicted from city hall at 12:01 AM today. I was on site from 11:50PM to 2:45AM and despite a huge police presence nobody was evicted from the park at city hall, and to my knowledge all of the protests remained peaceful. This is what I saw:

Staying Busy.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some really fun stuff over the past week or two. Hustling in a tough market in a tough town. Keeping up momentum.

Here are a few things I’ve snapped lately.

Los Angeles, I’m Yours

My collaboration with The Fox is Black (formerly Kitsune Noir), Los Angeles I’m Yours, is going extremely well. I’ve been shooting up a storm the past two weeks and can’t wait to debut the new work! We are in the process of building the website with a team of designers so that it will be ready to go by next month.

I’m so happy to be working with such great people and meeting so many wonderful talented artists and creatives.

One picture for now, then back to editing!

Artist Tim Biskup

Alex Papadopoulos