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Claire Boutelle by Justin Sullivan

Claire Boutelle by Justin Sullivan

I made this portrait of Los Angeles based letterpress artist and owner of Small Press LA, Claire Boutelle. They do fantastic work, and you’d be doing yourself a favor to collaborate with them on your next press run.


My latest work for LA I’m Yours: Travis Millard

Los Angeles, I’m Yours

My collaboration with The Fox is Black (formerly Kitsune Noir), Los Angeles I’m Yours, is going extremely well. I’ve been shooting up a storm the past two weeks and can’t wait to debut the new work! We are in the process of building the website with a team of designers so that it will be ready to go by next month.

I’m so happy to be working with such great people and meeting so many wonderful talented artists and creatives.

One picture for now, then back to editing!

Artist Tim Biskup

Andrew Lee some mo’

Here’s another portrait of my friend Andrew Lee from a shoot we did a while back.

More Andrew Lee

Garrick Tiffin

I was visiting with Garrick at my loft in Los Angeles about a month or two ago. He was supposed to leave the next day to turn himself in to the Las Vegas police department for a variety of outstanding warrants. We spent a little bit of time talking about what had led up to this point in his life, and the possibility that he would be going to prison for a number of years. I was curious about how this would affect the people closest to him, namely his grandmother. So I asked him how it made him feel to knowing how his actions had affected her.

I waited a few moments for that to sink in, and I took this photograph.

Joshua Michael Patterson for Sovereign Code

Had a nice portrait session at the studio this week with designer Joshua Michael Patterson of Sovereign Code. These images are for self promotion.