I see.

Metasyn – Back to Life

This is a project I’m very proud to say I worked really hard on. I’ve been working on some indie music videos in the past 6 months in the varying degrees of production. I’ve done PA work, Grip/Electric, etc. and it’s been fun.

But last month, I got tapped out of the blue to run the whole art department on a video for the band Metasyn and ended up with credit as Production Designer! So anything that you see in this that looks rad, I had a hand in it.

I built the set with my own two hands from the ground up for the performance shots. I sourced the dead pheasant for the creepy dragging shots. I dressed just about everything you can think of, from the mask to the ash in the breakdown shot. I also ran 4 banks of KINOFLOs during hours and hours of performance. So that flickering you notice when everyone is rocking out? That’s me on the ones, twos threes fours fives sixes, etc… hahah.

It was a ton of work and I was exhausted at the end. But I couldn’t be much happier with the final result.

Locations in and around downtown Los Angeles and at Enjoy Human Studios.

Directed by Chris Laughter
Director of Photography Darrin P. Nim
Production Design Justin D. Sullivan

But here it is, my first major foray into music videos:


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