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New Website Update Coming Soon!

New Website Update Coming Soon!

Been working hard on making some selections for a more Lifestyle-focused portfolio and I’ve got a new website in the works. Keep your eyes peeled!


Alexandra Papadopoulos

It pays to have good-looking friends.

New Loft Life

After over a year of living with and dating my girlfriend Irene Mercer, we have parted ways. I have nothing but the most heartfelt wishes of the best life has to offer for her. I cherish everything we had together, and will continue to have as friends.

I haven’t gone too far away, but rather moved a few blocks to the Santa Fe building in downtown LA. Here are a few quick snaps of my new live/work space.

I’ll probably post more pictures as I decorate more. I’ve got a lot of great ideas bubbling.

Also, every time I blog on here I feel like I end up apologizing for not blogging more. I’m not going to do that anymore. Apologize that is.

Natural Light

I’ve been shooting a lot of natural light portraits lately. Check them out over at my flickr
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