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Still Livin

Still Livin

New still life photography by Justin Sullivan


(sub)urban home Brings Style to Downtown

(sub)urban home candles
Many people may have noticed the beautiful new space opened recently at 5th and Main. It’s called (sub)urban home and it’s the brainchild of LA designer Ronnie Gene. About half of the pieces in the shop are from other designers, and the rest are all designed and produced in-house. I stopped by to check out the situation yesterday and had a great chat with Ronnie. Seriously nice guy with a lot of passion for what he does and a vision for the future of downtown that’s really exciting.
Ronnie Gene of (sub)urban Home
They have some awesome stuff in there, from ceramic skulls to custom, one of a kind sleigh beds. sub_urbanhome skull(sub)urban home SleighbedThis is such a cool addition to the gallery row area and downtown in general. There are a few other home furnishing stores around the area that really don’t do anything for me, so it’s refreshing to see such great contemporary work in a great space.
Buddhasoldier lampSub Urban Home Buddha Skull Candles(sub)urban home Table Chairs Vasesyellow vasesSub Urban Home
(sub)urban home will be hosting a surprise gallery tonight for downtown art walk that will be worth checking out.

Bottom line, the shop is beautiful, the owner is great and they stock some really gorgeous home decor. Go buy something! Go buy a lot of somethings!