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Still Livin

Still Livin

New still life photography by Justin Sullivan


New Folding Bike shrinks to 26″!

I love riding my bike and I’m a huge cycling advocate. But I feel like if the metro was a part of my commute, I’d reconsider using my track bike since it would be pretty rude to everyone else on the train.
There are a billion and one different folding bikes on the market, most of them pretty unattractive. I came across this one today that looks a bit nicer, appears substantially better thought out, and folds up smaller than anything else I’ve seen.


From the video it’s tough to see if this designer has sorted out the drive train issues yet, so it will be cool to see if this ever makes it to production.
Apparently he has approached multiple manufacturers and gotten some interest, along with having been a favorite to win the James Dyson Award.