I see.

Living the Dream?

Someone said this to me today: ” Keep living the dream out in la.”

I started thinking about it and realized that this has never been a dream of mine, per se. Just a necessity. I NEED to be here making photographs. I HAVE to create to feel like I’m doing something that matters.

I never understood the phenomenology of “having a dream”. It seems far too romantic for me. There’s no trophy job, car or wife. There are things that I want to accomplish, but there’s no singular pinnacle that could make me feel as if I had “MADE IT”. Instead, I take great solace and satisfaction in the incremental accomplishments that I attain.

Would I like to shoot Vogue covers? Yep. Do I stay up at night fantasizing about it? Nope.

When it comes, it will come. On that day, I will do the best work that I know how to do, surrounded by people who I trust and respect. With any luck they will be the same wonderful individuals who I surround myself with in my everyday life. Why? Because getting to the top alone is empty. And dreams themselves are empty if you don’t have enough presence to experience the journey and good people to share it with.

So maybe that’s my real dream: Not simply to be a photographer, or make a living as an artist. But to have a beautiful, rich, amazing life, and share it with people I love.


…is happening.


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