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Maggy Barry’s “Wrapped in Beauty” Fashion Show

The Downtown Fashion Walk has been gaining a bit of momentum here in LA over the past few months. After launching in September, this fledgling event had a wobbly start with low attendance and a lack of direction. To be fair, it’s always tough to spearhead a new project, and I applaud the effort. I do everything I can to support my neighborhood from promoting to event coverage. It’s nice to see everyone’s hard work beginning to pay off a bit.

While Fashion Walk is far from brilliant, this month held a few more actual happenings than in months past. The usual map was passed around with the same boutiques doing nothing new, but The Alexandria Hotel kicked it up a notch by hosting a fashion show for Maggy Barry. Admission was open to the public and there were quite a few people on hand to check things out.

The format of the show was something they seem to have borrowed from Box Eight Studios. Instead of traditional runway style, there was a live photo shoot of the collection. So all of the pieces from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection were paraded in front of the camera, and an all-too cliche’ looking “fashion photographer” shot thousands of images. Normally I am very amiable with other photographers and I love to support others in my field. But when you’re a chubby middle aged man wearing a scarf and sunglasses inside WHILE you’re shooting, sagging your cargo pants with your big belly hanging out the front I feel comfortable shaking my head at your silliness. Guy was a bit too over the top for my taste with his Blow Up-esque methodology.

The atmosphere was fun, and I noticed quite a few people dressed in their finest fashion attire happy to be parading around at the show. Lots of fun styling, music and some hard to see visuals. Sushi was going around on trays carried by topless models provided by Naked Catering.

Here are some images from the evening.


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