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Design Hunting Los Angeles

So I’ve been meaning to start blogging about design-related topics for some time. I’m passionate about good design, and as a photographer I love looking at beautiful things and photographing them.

I can’t always afford all the fanciest stuff I like, but I think I will start curating a collection of things and places that I think are great.

Today I had a meeting in Culver City with the incredibly talented Mark Laita at his studio. It’s a gorgeous spot, all covered in vines and full of great minimalist design elements.
Mark Laita Studio

Afterwards I walked around the Main St. area of Culver City and I was pleased to find it to be quite nice. Lots of little shops and boutiques, restaurants and galleries. I stopped in a cool little gallery called Western Project.
Western Project Gallery
They showcase contemporary artists, and had a nice little selection of work. I snapped one photo of this silly gun painting, but there were a number of other really nice pieces for sale.Bang Bang If you get a chance to pop in there, the owners are really pleasant and friendly. So refreshing.

Found a neat vintage table and chair across the street in front of a little antique shop.
Yellow Table and Chairs

Grabbed a few snaps of the local flora as well.

I’ve been wanting to check out This is Not Ikea on Fairfax for a little while, and since I was kind of in the neighborhood I stopped by. The place is like a well-merchandized junk store full of hand picked awesomeness. They have tons of great old chairs, fans, desks, lighting, signs, and a host of other stuff. I didn’t find anything I absolutely had to have, but this place is certainly on my list of places to go for props for shoots.
TINI.This is Not Ikea
On the way up Fairfax I found this big Mural of Madonna and it was awesome.
Madonna Mural

After that I popped into Modernica and chatted with Stephanie Miller who was very pleasant and encouraged me to sit in any of the chairs I wanted to. So I sat in about half of the furniture in the store and loved it! Haha. Here are some of my favorite pieces:
Modernica ChairModernica LightingGreen Modernica ChairModernica Recliner
I’m very interested in Scandinavian desgin as well, so Stephanie recommended I check out Denmark 50 on Melrose. I cruised over there and had a nice chat with the owner about his furniture and grabbed a shot of my favorite piece.
Hans Wegner Chair It’s a Hans Wegner chair, and I’m a big fan of his work. Such perfect lines on his work, it gets me smiling!

Fitzsu happened to be right down the street so I strolled on over. They always have the most beautiful stuff, and it was great to get to see a lot of things I love in person. They were great and very welcoming. I found this amazing piece of pottery that would go perfectly on a coffee table:
After that I was all hunted out and headed back downtown. Awesome.


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  1. lovebug35

    awesome photography

    November 12, 2009 at 2:05 am

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