I see.

Baby steps

I have been hustling trying to get some assisting work here in Los Angeles. I kind of made the move without having anything substantial lined up. So I’ve got to get something sorted out quick!

On a more successful note, I got an internship with the great Charles Imstepf that I’ll be working at between 2 and 5 days a week. Fortunately I’ll be getting to work on set a bit, which should turn into assisting work before too long. The studio is beautiful and enormous. Everyone seems really nice so far, and there is always gourmet food to eat on shoot days. I may not be able to afford to buy my own food right now, but at least I can eat when I go work for free hahaha.

We are still getting settled into our loft and have a lot of unpacking to do. We are going to be getting rid of a lot of stuff very shortly, because storage is quite limited. But it’s absolutely lovely, and I keep tripping out that I live here. We have a great view of the skyline and I can see the corners of 7th and broadway and 7th and main from my windows. Being up high is really nice.

I’ve got to find 775 dollars by the first of the month.

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