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John Lewis Speaks at Reno Entrepreneurs Organization Event: Pride

John Lewis, former MMA champion, multiple black belt holder, professional dancer, fighter trainer, club promoter, recording artist, businessman, global marketing director for Nikki Beach, and all-around good dude spoke this past Tuesday here in Reno. The Reno-Tahoe chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization and my close friend David LaPlante brought John to town to speak at their November dinner event, Pride. EO is doing a series of events based on the theme of the 7 deadly sins. Naturally someone who has been so involved in fighting had a lot to say about pride. John Lewis’ current project is the introduction of mixed martial arts to the Mexico market. He and his business partners have a great handle on what it will take to really get the project off the ground.

John Lewis Speaks in Reno

John Lewis Speaks in Reno

The Entrepreneurs Organization were kind enough to hire me to shoot the event. I had a studio set up in one of the banquet rooms at the Siena Hotel and made custom head shots for all of the entrepreneurs who were attending. We had a lot of laughs and some very forced serious faces that ended up turning into laughs anyway, and made some great images. It’s so important to have high quality, professional photographs for yourself. As a business person in this climate it’s crucial to brand yourself with excellence in order to attract a high end clientele. As such, EO provided its members with my services.
Make sure that your social network profiles have an image of you that represents the highest level of your image. Justin Sullivan Photography is currently booking corporate head shot appointments for executives and staff at a number of companies in town. Contact me through the website to receive an estimate for your business!


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